Sample Act

Bottomless Pocket

A friend of mine had an unbelievable story while ministering to street children while on a missions trip.

One morning, knowing that they were going to be going out into the streets to minister to children, my friend put a few pieces of small candy in his pocket. Sure enough, the group ran across street children who had nothing. Even though a small piece of candy seemed like very little to share, my friend started giving the childrenĀ the candy he had earlier placed into his pocket.

As the children started spreading the word that my friend was giving out candy, many more children started coming and swarming him. Realizing he was not going to have enough candy for each of them he started preparing himself for the task of telling these dirty-faced, love-filled children there was no more. However, that never happened! Each child that came got a piece of candy.

Just like the feeding of the five thousand or the widow never running out of oil and flour, the pieces of candy never ran out! Not until every child got this small treat. It was fantastic to see that God always provides–even in the smallest things.